Arena Breakout Infinite Valley Map

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Arena Breakout Infinite Valley Map

Nestled alongside the tranquil Floranpino Sea, the Valley emerges as a picturesque getaway, characterized by its elevated perimeters and sun-kissed central lowlands. Embraced by a protective bay, the southern Beach Villas offer a haven, ideal for safeguarding the riches of the group leader. Perched atop gentle knolls at the heart of the valley, the Noan Courtyard beckons for communal gatherings, while a discreet Small Factory nestled at the foot of the northern mountains adds an air of mystery, casting its enigmatic shadow across the Valley, inviting eager exploration.

  • Duration: 35 Mins;
  • Player Count: Up to 20.

Boss – Doss Anthony

Boss of the Valley location.When the North and the South finally negotiated a ceasefire, Doss Anthony returned to the Valley from overseas, reorganized his forces, and settled there. Doss Anthony is the Boss of the Valley location. He is immediately recognizable by his unique gold gear and sunglasses. He has 10 bodyguards equipped with T2 to T3 armor. Additionally in Lockdown raids, there will be one Faction Guard with him, a Blackgold or White Wolf contractor. 

Can be found in:

  • Doss can be found in the Villa located in Valley.

Interactive Valley Map


*To Enable Full-Screen Mode, Press The Button On Map:Full Screen Button

Extractions & Spawn Points

Here’s a list of all the extraction and spawn points available in Arena Breakout: Infinite’s Valley map:

Temporary Command PostIt costs one (White) Toolbox to use.
Escape BoatChance-based
HelipadConditionalDeliver 3 dog tags to activate the extraction point.
Road to CityFixed
Coastal Highway EntranceFixed
Steel BridgeFixed
Abandoned RVConditionalCosts one (White) Toolbox to use.
Abandoned ShackConditionalUse the Abandoned Shack key.

The Valley Map Keys

The Valley is the second location that was added to the game, and there are not so many keys. These versatile items can unlock extract points, grant entry to restricted zones, and reveal coveted containers containing valuable items.

ImageNameDescriptionWhat’s insideDurabilityPrice
Abandoned Shack Key Valley Map Abandoned Shack KeyKey to the iron gate leading to the Abandoned Shack Extraction Point in the Valley.Unknown5~8k
Radar Station Security Room Key Valley MapRadar Station Security Room KeyKey to the Valley Radar Station security room. The room contains some scientific tools.Long Weapon Case, Working Clothes, Pro Toolbox15~35k
Staff Dormitory Key Valley MapStaff Dormitory KeyA key can be used to open the door to the worker dormitory in the outskirts of the Port. Some valuables were left inside the dorms.Safe, Duffle Bag, Winter Coat15~120k
Factory Dressing Room Key Valley MapFactory Dressing Room Key
A key is used to open the Basement in the Courtyard. Several valuables are inside.Unknown15~240k
Beach Villa Main Bedroom Key Valley MapBeach Villa Main Bedroom Key
Key to the main bedroom on the second floor of the Beach Villa in the Valley. The owner left behind a lot of valuables.Unknown10~410k
Factory File Room Key Valley MapFactory File Room KeyA key was used to open the door to the Dressing Room in the small factory, Several valuables were left inside.Unknown15~210k
Beach Villa Storage Key Valley MapBeach Villa Storage Key
Key to the storage room on the first floor of the Beach Villa in the Valley. The storage room holds expensive valuables that were left behind.Unknown10~170k
Valley Village Office Key Valley MapValley Village Office Key
Key to the Valley Village Office. You might find something valuable inside.Computer, First Aid Case15~45k
RV Camp Cabin Cafeteria Key Valley MapRV Camp Cabin Cafeteria KeyKey to the log cabin Cafeteria in the Valley RV Camp. Once a popular dining spot for RV enthusiasts, it was later used as a stronghold by the locals. Rumor has it there are a lot of valuables there.Unknown15~70k
Courtyard Basement Key Valley MapCourtyard Basement KeyA key can be used to open the door to the worker dormitory on the outskirts of the Port. Some valuables were left inside the dorms.Unknown10~165k
Weapon Storage Keycard on Valley MapWeapon Storage KeycardKeycard to the Weapon Storage on the second floor of the Armory. The Weapon Storage holds a large amount of rare weaponry.This keycard is for the Armory Map (not yet available in beta test)10~170k


Where is the Factory Drain Extract?

Look for the red light in the plant grow room in the basement of the small factory.

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