Arena Breakout Infinite Farm Map Guide: Best Loot Locations, Spawns, Rotations and more

by Andrew Smith
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Farm Map of Arena Breakout Infinite
The Farm is the first map that will be featured in the Arena Breakout Infinite beta test. It is part of the Arbor town point of interest located in the Onotos Mountain Pass which is pivotal to Kamona’s agricultural production. The area is elongated with a main road running through it, and buildings are distributed along this road. The central Motel on the map is the core area of the farm and the stronghold of the boss.
  • Duration: 30 Mins;
  • Player Count: Up to 12.


Ajax Jones

Ajax Jones is the Boss of the Farm location.– As a fighter, Ajax is not only proficient with various light weapons, but also skilled at using smoke grenades to launch offensives, also he has a Pocket Knife.
– Ajax, adept in combat, excels not only in the use of various light weapons but also demonstrates skill in deploying smoke grenades to
initiate offensives. Can be found in:

  • Motel;
  • Stables;
  • Loading Area.

Boss Equipment

MP5 with AP 6.3 ammo. AKS-74U with BP rounds in 30 or 60-round magazines. T3 / T4 Armor Retro Marching Bag or XA4 Tactical Bag (Containing Main Guest Room Key).

Guard Equipment

He has 5-6 bodyguards equipped with T3 armor, and weaponry loaded with T3 ammo. In Lockdown, his guards will have T4 armor.

Interactive Farm Map


*To Enable Full-Screen Mode, Press The Button On Map:Full Screen Button

Extractions Points

Here’s a list of all the extraction points available in Arena Breakout: Infinite’s Farm:

OutpostThe Farm entrance was destroyed during the Civil War.
It is now an unguarded fortification.
HighwayThis expressway connects the southern and northern parts of the city. It is one of the major economic development projects.Fixed
Artificial LakeA temporarily closed Artificial Lake. Several abandoned boats
are moored around it.
Hunter’s PathA secret passage leading to the mountains. Only local hunters
know this path.
ConditionalActive 10min after the raid starts. You can extract without a backpack equipped.
Southern BlockadeMany fortifications were built at the Southern Blockade.ConditionalActive 10 minutes after the raid starts. You can extract without a backpack equipped.
Path to NorthridgeThe Checkpoint northeast of the Farm that leads to Northridge.Chance-based
Boulder WallWhen constructing the wall, the construction team had planned
to move the boulder. However, the excavator never managed to
reach the bottom of the boulder, so they had to just build a wall
around it.
Path to Restricted AreaIt was once the only road to the Restricted Area. After the
completion of the Highway, people stopped using this road
for the most part.

In Arena Breakout: Infinite, extraction points are crucial zones players must reach to exit the raid safely or beat the clock. Identified by vivid red smoke, they’re easily spotted.

Every map hosts eight extraction points, categorized as fixed, chance-based, or conditional, each with distinct features and challenges. Let’s delve into what sets them apart:

  • Fixed: These extraction points consistently appear on the opposite map side from the spawn point in Arena Breakout: Infinite. They’re ever-present and accessible to players throughout the game.
  • Chance-based: These are random points that may or may not be enabled in some raids. Players must approach and search for the telltale red extraction cloud to determine if they’re available.
  • Conditional: These are locations that are always available but require of Koens (from 2.000) to use them or some item.

The Farm Map Keys

The Farm is the first location that was added to the game, and there are not so many keys. These versatile items can unlock extract points, grant entry to restricted zones, and reveal coveted containers containing valuable items. 

ImageNameDescriptionWhat’s insideDurabilityPrice
Recycling Office Key Farm MapRecycling Office KeyAn old key to the recycling management office under the Farm Bridge.Pro First-Aid Kit, Medical Spawns on table25~10k
Farm Map House KeyHouse KeyA key to the door of the house located in the northeast corner of the Farm.Used for Quest, Jackets, Office Drawer.25~17k
Farm Map Stables Warehouse KeyStables Warehouse KeyKey to the warehouse near the Farm Stables.Document Box, Jacket, Pro Toolbox.25~40k
Farm Map Loading Area KeyLoading Area Key
Key to the locked room in the Farm Loading Area, which contains some weapons.
First Aid Box, Large Weapon Case, Long Weapon Case.25~45k
Farm Map Graveyard KeyGraveyard KeyA key carried by Militants. Used to unlock a room near the graveyard in the Farm. You can find valuable items collected by the Militants.Safe, GYM Bag, Jacket, PC. 1~70k
Farm Map Master Bedroom KeyMaster Bedroom KeyThe key to the main bedroom on the second floor of the Farm Villa. Precious items may be stored there.Safe, Jacket, PC.15~200k
Farm MapMotel 201 KeyA key to room 201 in the outer corridor on the second floor of the Farm Motel.Pro First-Aid Kit, Safe, Rare items on the table.15~210k
Farm Map Barn Office KeyBarn Office KeyKey to the office on the second floor of the Farm’s Grain Trade Center. There may be valuable items inside.Safe, Suitcase, PC.15~180k
Farm Map Motel Main Guest Room KeyMotel Main Guest Room KeyKey to the main guest room on the second floor of the Farm Motel. Guests with more discerning tastes choose this room, often leaving valuable Items behind.Key to the main guest room on the second floor of the Farm Motel. Guests with more discerning tastes choose this room, often leaving valuable items behind.10~800k

Getting access to the best loot rooms in Arena Breakout Infinite requires the right keys. Now that you know which keys provide the highest value on the Farm map, put together your “A-team” key set to take on your raids. Happy looting!

Points Of Interest

SW Farmhouse

Grain Trade Center

  • Locked office with safe;
  • Multiple PCs;
  • Multiple Toolboxes;
  • Loose Provisions;
  • Many Scavengers.

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